In the Transaction Screen you can manage and keep track of unlimited portfolios, each one with unlimited stocks.

You can import historical data into the transaction area from different popular formats including csv, excel and more.

You can also send those imported transactions of historical data into the Analysis Screen for analysis.

You can get quotes with one click and more.
The Main Screen to the Automatic Investment Machine is your entrance to a world of information at your fingertips

Your have direct and real-time access to several news services that you can view directly on AIM's screen.

Also the Main Screen contains the access to the AIM system, the Personal Agenda and the Knowledge Database.
The Analysis Screen is the screen where the A.I.M. System will do its magic.

You will be able to modify the key parameters and recalculate everything so you can try unlimited scenarios in case you want to play with the "by the book" AIM system developed by Mr. Robert Lichello.

You can get quotes with one click and more.
From the Analysis Screen you can access the Chart area to display the selected records in a useful chart.

The green color indicates your cash position, the blue your stock position and the red the sum of both.

There is no better way to get excited with your results than to see them graphically.
Easily maintain your personal schedule. The agenda shows you everything on one screen: calendar, events, days with events, recurring events, etc.

You can set recurring events to remind you of scheduled activities and specify how many times you want to be reminded. For example, you can set it to remind you of your car payment for 15 payments and then stop.

Most importantly you can use it  to remind you of all those important investment and tax dates.
The Knowledge Base is the place to store articles and other information that could be useful to you investment endeavors or any other for that matter.

Manage Docs, PDFs, Internet URL, Normal Text and mucho more.

The powerful search system allows you to find any related data with ease. Use it for company policies, employee training... it's your personal text and media library!
An Automatic Investment System based on Robert Lichello's book
How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically